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Mocom AutoMail is an email automation system, that uses a source PDF or simple text script to send complex emails with PDF attachments. AutoMail enables rapid deployment of email facilities for existing applications, such as Syspro, Omis or any application that can produce a PDF report or output a custom text file.

AutoMail runs as a Windows service that monitors a specified directory for PDF or script files that provide instructions for the creation and sending of emails. The source application generates a report (e.g. Crystal or SQL reports) which is outputted as a PDF file containing content pages separated by header pages. When the PDF file is dropped in the AutoMail folder, AutoMail will parse the header pages in the file and create emails using the commands in the header pages, with the specific content pages attached.

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AutoMail also includes a complete email templating system allowing you to generate fully designed HTML emails with attachments by passing only a few custom variables in the report or script file. Embedded email images are also possible using the template system.


  • Full control of email content and delivery via PDF source file or text scripts.

  • Default settings, can be overridden in the PDF header or script on a job by job basis. (e.g. From, SMTP Server, template name etc)

  • Comprehensive PDF support including reports created by Crystal Reports and Word.

  • Encryption and password protection of PDF attachments.

  • Full HTML email templating system, with master templates and embedded images.

  • Full retry functionality with comprehensive and clear error messages in the event of a problem.

  • AutoMail Monitor GUI application that shows sent, failed, retrying items etc


A company would like to send out invoices to its customers (and purchase orders to its suppliers) via email. However the information for this is stored in their accounts system that doesn't provide this facility.

They install Mocom AutoMail and using their accounts package's reporting facility they create a report that generate the invoices. Inbetween each invoice is a header page that provide commands (and variables) to AutoMail (e.g. :TO, :SUBJECT invoice abc123).

They generate the report in PDF format and drop the file in the folder on the AutoMail server. AutoMail picks up the PDF file, splits in into individual attachments, generates the email body using the supplied information and a master template, attaches the relevant PDF files to the email and sends it to the supplied address.


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