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Desktop applications of today contain very powerful features and functionality. Yet no one application ever seems to satisfy all of your demands of your day-to-day processes. Through our Macro and Template development service , Mocom Systems uses the application's powerful programming languages to customise and enhance the application to meet your needs.


  • High-end fully customised document production templates and macros for business correspondence and legal practices.
  • Document Management System integration.


We work with you to create advanced business solutions that effectively increase productivity, reduce costs and minimise administration.


We are committed to providing effective and robust solutions to help you leverage your technology investment and make the most out of Microsoft Products. Mocom Systems offers the expertise, tools, guidance and implementation experience you need.


Mocom Systems design MS Word templates using VBA macros or .Net managed code, with which the user can automatically produce a highly professional -looking letter, report, fax, invoice, quotation, manual, CV, or other document which is required to conform to an accepted corporate appearance. Where applicable we would work with the corporate Style Manual which would define the style sheets to be associated with each document type.


Through the use of such templates, an organisation can achieve significant cost savings through the greatly increased productivity of all MS Word users, from the casual PC user with minimal typing or MS Word skills, to the secretary with intermediate skills, to the Technical Writer with in-depth technical knowledge of MS Word.


The MS Office Templates and associated macros produced by Mocom enable the user to produce such documents by entering information into on-screen forms, input boxes, or in free text. The custom templates and macros will reformat the documents to the desired design, using the correct font, spacing, margins, bullets, text positioning, heading formats, etc, according to the specified style sheet. The finished document will be formatted exactly to the client's specifications.


Templates and macros can be fully integrated with your Document Management System such as Worksite or DOCSOpen.


Please contact us to discuss our services in further detail.