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Network Planning and Design

We will work with you to create a plan that defines the key deliverables and measurement criteria. Network planning services encompass the following elements:

  • Defining client business requirements
  • Developing strategic information architectures
  • Performing network audits
  • Preparing capacity plans for the physical network services
  • Selecting preferred technology
  • Conducting network security audits and planning

Network Design

As organisations become more dependent on networks, they are beginning to recognise the need for a network design that will meet business requirements for stability, flexibility and performance. Networks are typically constructed from components supplied by a range of different manufacturers. The process of network design is required to establish the most suitable products and configuration and to determine the best procedures for ongoing support and management.

Network design engineers assist customers with their operational network infrastructures. Mocom Systems will produce detailed network specifications and the integration procedures that are key to achieving the customer's business objectives.

We will recommend the specific hardware and software technologies to be used and plan how the new technology will integrate into the customer's existing hardware and software and ongoing network management. Our network design services include:

  • Defining functional requirements
  • Developing multi-vendor integration plans
  • Preparing technical design documentation
  • Developing engineering specifications and documents
  • Preparing RFQ specifications and criteria
  • Providing detailed component purchasing lists