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Mocom Relay Dictation System

Mocom Relay LogoMocom Relay is a dictation system designed to be used with Olympus DSS/DS2 files. Relay consists of a client application, a web service, and a transcription application. When a user connects their Olympus handset to their computer the client application transfers the files to the local PC, and then up to the web service. Once the file has been uploaded the transcriptionist (or pool of transcribers) is notified (either by email or by a tray application) and can download the file from the server.


Mocom Relay was originally designed for Law firms and is currently in use with a number of London based practices.


Mocom Relay is extremely customisable and can be altered to suit your working environment. It is also compatible with  iManage/Worksite and other document management systems.


Full reporting and management capabilities are included.



Mocom Relay Client Screenshot


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