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Integration with HP Autonomy Worksite

Mocom Worksite Library

The Mocom Worksite Library is a .Net library that helps developers quickly and productively write code to integrate their applications with the HP iManage WorkSite (iManage), without having to learn and understand the complex WorkSite SDK.

Features include:

  • Easy to use import/export and check in/check out commands.
  • Add and edit document properties.
  • Use custom properties.
  • Workspace and folder management.
  • Connect to multiple databases.
  • Search for workspaces.
  • Document status.
  • Powerful FileSite/Desksite document open function.
  • Access to our in-depth WorkSite knowhow!

There is comprehensive documentation and a sample application available:

  • Documentation
  • Sample Application

    Mocom FileSite Menu Extender

    The Mocom Filesite Menu Extender utility allows developers or system administrators, to quickly add and install/deploy right click functionality to FileSite and DeskSite. The right click menu can be deployed and it's position in FileSite/Desksite configured using a transform file, or command line MSI properties. Once installed group policy or registry entries can be used to set the name of the menus, and what happens when they are clicked.

    For example: The IT manager of a company wants users to be able look up the details of the client a document was written for on their intranet system.

    1. A transform file is created (this can also be done via command line properties or editing the MSI directly) to add a folder call "Live View" under the existing "Open" menu option.
    2. Using group policy software deployment "Mocom FileSite Menu Extender" is deployed to all PCs with the generated transform file.
    3. Using the supplied group policy file, a policy is created to supply the name of the menu as it appears in FileSite and the URL (e.g. http://server/liveview) and parameters to call when the menu is clicked.
    4. When a user opens filesite they now have a folder called "Live View" with a menu item that when clicked opens up the site and supplies that Client id


    Mocom iDrop - FileSite Send To DropBox

    Simply right click on a document in FileSite or Desksite and upload the file to Dropbox and choose whether to share it.

    Please contact us if you would like more details, or to download a trial version -